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Holy Souls Crusade
" It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins" (2 Mac 12:46)
The Holy Souls?
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Who or what are the Holy Souls?

Perhaps we need to define what is the soul first. The soul is the primary principle of life. In plants it is a vegetative life principle and in animals a sensitive life principle. But the far superior human soul is rational, spiritual, and immortal. Soul and body in man are so united in a single nature and person that the soul is said to be the substantial form of the body; it is the life principle which makes the body what it is essentially: a human body. Every individual soul is created directly by God and is infused into the embryo at the moment of conception. 

Souls in Purgatory, or the Holy Souls, are the souls of those who have died in the state of grace but who are not yet free from all punishment due to their unforgiven venial sins and all other sins already forgiven (for which satisfaction is still to be made). They are certain to enter Heaven but must first suffer proportionately in Purgatory. It is the teaching of the Church that these souls are aided by our prayers and good works, and especially by the Sacrifice of the Mass. Though they cannot help themselves, it is commonly believed that they can assist us, and the Church commends our prayers for their intercession.

Jesus, help me help You save Souls

The following message is taken from "To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons", Our Lady's words to Father Gobbi, through locutions.) 

" The souls who are being purified pray for you, offer their sufferings for your well being and, through your prayers, are assisted in being set free from those human imperfections which prevent them from entering into the eternal joy of paradise....Those souls in purgatory who, while on earth, had formed part of my cohort, now enjoy a special union with me, feel in a special way my presence which sweetens the bitterness of their suffering, and shortens the time of their purification. And it is I myself who go to receive these souls into my arms, that I may lead them into the incomparable light of paradise."

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